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Estate Management Services

Estate Maintenance and Management Services

We are fortunate to live in such a diverse and beautiful state. From the Appalachians to the broad shore lines of the Chesapeake and Atlantic, our home is rich in natural resources. Maintaining this heritage is no light matter. For some, the investment of a lifetime involves the management of large acreage replete with historic gardens, vintage dependencies and unique requirements. For others the challenges lie in the ever daunting tasks of shoreline and vegetation management.

We understand more is required on these properties than simple lawn mowing and trimming. Allow us to extend our knowledge and experience tackling estate sized issues such as shoreline erosion, timber management, historic garden restoration and maintenance and driveway renewal and construction. For out of town owners we specialize in the supply of necessities such as stacking firewood prior to your arrival, meeting with contractors in your absence, caring for indoor plants, checking out the grounds after a storm just to name a few. You have extended us the honor of your trust and our concierge- level services won t disappoint. Anything your lifetime investment requires, we have the answers and capabilities.

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