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Kimberly Allen, Director of Landscape Design

Kimberly Allen

Kimberly has been landscaping the Eastern Shore for more than 10 years. A graduate of NC State University with a degree in Landscape Design, she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Browder-Hite as Director of Landscape Design.

Kimberly s philosophy of design is to create not just "pretty" spaces; rather, ones that function, As she likes to say, "If you don t use it, you haven't done your job as a designer". As the former owner of a leading local landscape firm, she knows how to guide projects from concept to completion. Kimberly has worked with many home owners on the Shore, creating a diverse portfolio of landscapes from Bay-friendly native spaces to formal Williamsburg gardens. In addition to her design and landscape training, she has worked in public gardens, gardens centers and a well - known perennial nursery, giving her a broad based knowledge of plants.

When Kimberly isn't at the drawing table or in the garden, she enjoys playing with her two boys and traveling to new places.