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Residential Landscape Management Services

Residential Design and Installation Services

Planning is important when trying to achieve the landscape you desire. Working with a trained designer in the beginning will help you avoid mistakes in the future. Browder-Hite offers full scale landscape plans, to on site sketches by a professional landscape designer with over 15 years experience. We are here to help our customers take their ideas and make them a reality. Browder-Hite can be your partner through the entire process assisting the do-it-yourself enthusiasts with practical advice, or installing your entire landscape from pavers to sod.

Residential Landscape Maintenance

Keeping your home nice and protecting your investment is important to us, but sometimes the task of yard maintenance is overwhelming. Let Browder-Hite help maintain your landscape with a full service landscape maintenance program tailored to your budget and needs. Sometimes a simple renovation is what is needed to help take a high maintenance yard and simplify it to well manicured using low maintained plantings. Let Browder-Hite help you take the work out of yard work.

Residential Turf and Lawn Management

Turf Management
A healthy lawn is an important tool for preventing unnecessary pollutants flowing into our creeks, ditches and the Bay. Vigorous, strong lawns act as heat sinks, air pollutant grabbers, storm water catches and prevent erosion - while also adding an ehancement to any landscape. At Browder-Hite, turf care and landscape maintenance is our specialty. We have the capability to enhance ANY plot of ground from weeds to beautiful turf in shorter time frames than you might think. We maintain and enhance all turf types from tall fescue, overseeded perennial rye, zoysia, bermuda, St Augustine, and centipede.

Residential Tree and Plant Care Services

Tree and Plant Care
Proper management of your plant material helps deter insect and disease and keeps your plant material looking good. An over grown or dead shrub is an eye sore and potential hazard. Browder-Hite has trained horticulturalists on staff who are knowledgeable in pest and disease management and proper horticultural practices, helping you protect one of your biggest assists, your home.

Residential Irrigation Services

Healthy plants and turf require regular watering to thrive. Unless specifically designed to withstand drought, most of our plants and turf benefit from supplemental water in the form of automatic irrigation. We are strategically invested in the latest tools and water saving technologies that make today's modern irrigation systems so amazing. Smart sensors and control panels make water conservation and accurate water placement a reality. Call today to talk about the many options available such as drip, bubblers, and rotor heads that use 30% less water than traditional systems.

Residential Paver and Patio Solutions

Pavers and Patio
Concrete and clay pavers add elegance and functionality to all landscapes and homes. From dramatic driveway and patio designs to small entrance walkways and stoops, we've installed them all. Let us show you the photos and describe how a simple addition of pavers can take your space from plain to "wow" in a matter of days. We source all our materials locally and have an ICPI Certified installer on staff as well as experienced mason professionals.

Residential Landscape and Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Outdoor Lighting
Nothing quite compares to seeing your home and landscape bathed in quiet light after the sun has set. From practical concerns such as security to entertainment and aesthetic desires, let us design a lighting system that will extend the value already found in your home and landscape. All of our components come with a standard 15 year warranty and all transformers carry a limited lifetime warranty. In a world of uncertainty, our workmanship and quality lighting materials are a sure thing.

Residential Seasonal Landscape Services

Seasonal Services
Our landscapes change through the seasons and require more than just cutting the grass in summer. We offer winter clean up services to help you prepare for spring. Seasonal annual, bulb and or vegetable garden preparation. In addition to these services our designer on staff can help you stage or enhance your landscape for special occasion such as wedding or outdoor parties.