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Specialty Services

Planting Annuals and Bulbs

Annuals & Bulbs
A personal specialty of our Director of Landscape Design, Kimberly Allen thrills to the challenge each unique seasonal color display presents. Trained by one of Raleigh, North Carolina s largest horticulture firms, she infuses a spirit of individualism and class, creating floral displays for homes and businesses alike. Her work has been prominently displayed on multiple Virginia Historic Garden Week tours, lending inspiration to garden enthusiasts and professionals everywhere.

Water Management Services

Water Manamagement
Water management is so much more than landscape irrigation and "dragging hoses". All of our service areas are within the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. What this means to our clients is a shared responsibility to care for the fragile and unique areas we call home. From installing and managing responsible irrigation systems, designing and installing drainage plans and limiting erosion, we are well aware water is at once our greatest asset and, potentially, a formidable foe.

Carpentry and Masonary Services

Many feel in today's society the old world techniques such as hand selected woods and lime-based mortar are quickly becoming a thing of the past. It used to be these skills were handed down and acquired over years of on-site labor. At Browder-Hite, we have the privilege of working with some of the East Coast's most skilled tradesmen who "do the job right". They understand the value in using premium materials. Utilizing modern tools and techniques, we take cues from our shared Colonial history to create wonderful works of art or your property that stand the test of time.

Land Management Services

Land Management
Our environment is always changing. We understand you may need an advocate or advice on critical land management needs. No matter what the issue, we'll find the correct answer. We have trusted partners and resources available to us regarding: Land stewardship, Forest land and pasture land management, Boundary and property line management, Stream and creek side reclamation and management, Water rights and water flow issues, Roadway and drainage ditch construction (gravel, shell, dirt and paved)

Mitigation Plans

Mitigation Plans
Following the rules and regulations of the Chesapeake Bay Act is sometimes a daunting task especially when your main focus is simply improving your property. We have extensive experience working with counties and municipalities regarding the permitting process. From mitigation plans and plans in lieu , our in house Responsible Land Disturber (RLD) certification will ensure the project goes off as planned. We will work with you to engineer the best value end result while keeping you compliment.

Landscape Consulting Services

Want to do the job yourself? Do you really enjoy getting dirty? Have you always had a green thumb? We understand so do we! We offer design consultations, lawn care consultations and landscape management consultations that take the guesswork out of what can be a complicated process. We offer paint-by-number help to get your project kick started correctly. If you are an experienced in all things outdoors, we can offer more technical advice, saving you time and resources.